Keep the Ball Like David Silva

Here are three great 3 tips for keeping the ball from the opposition like Spanish international and Manchester City midfielder David Silva.

Follow these 3 great tips to help you play like a pro! Playing against a strong opposition you may find that there are no sensible passing options. In these situations defenders will pressure the ball so it is vital to stay in possession to allow team mates to find space and passing options. David Silva is one of the best players at this and often makes chances using the following techniques.

1. Perfect your wriggle!

Watch David Silva wriggle free from his marker. He uses lots of little touches with both sides of each foot and is constantly changing direction. You must be comfortable using both the inside and outside of each foot if you want to keep the ball away from defenders. Coerver Ball Mastery drills are a great way of improving this skill

2. Make space to pass or shoot!

Maintaining possession is essential to give your team mates time to move into space and to create shooting options. It is important to keep your head up as much as possible whilst maintaining control of the ball. The more you have to focus on the ball the fewer options you will see and the more likely it is that the opposition will steal the ball from you. Practice ball control whilst looking up. A great way of improving this aspect of your game is to move between two cones whilst playing catch with a tennis ball. This drill will force you to keep your head up. It is important to also shield the ball from the defender. It is then possible to use a pull or drag move and spin away from the challenge, once open you can then choose to pass or shoot.

3. Look after the ball!

The ball is your friend, protecting it from defenders and maintaining possession is essential. The Spanish national team has one of the best possession percentages in the world due to the players being confident in tight situations under pressure. They always have their body or a foot between the ball and the defender to act as a shield. There are many great games coming up over the next few weeks, when watching look at how particular players such as Silva, Messi and Ronaldo protect the ball from opponents.

 The Coerver Ball Mastery skills are a great way to practice your touch and control under pressure. Develop your practice by playing against an opponent first off by just pressuring and then moving on to try and steal the ball.

As with all skills practicing them in game situations is key to success.

Keep the Ball Like David Silva