The Youth Diploma 2 Course Focuses On Our Approach To Team Play

Coerver Youth Diploma 2 features:

The Coerver Code / Kid, the original image of our ideal Coerver Kid's 5 "S"s, Skills, Smarts, Speed, Strength and Spirit that all of Coerver Coaching is built upon.
An effective Coerver team style, the BOX / TRAP system, that is explained in detail throughout the Course.
The individual and small group skills needed to be a successful BOX / TRAP team.
Drills and small sided games adaptable to all ages and abilities you can take back to your practice field that teach and reinforce the BOX / TRAP team play skills.
Discussion of The Growth Mindset and pursuit of excellence through study and hard work that we want all Coerver students to have.
The technical, tactical and mental skills and practices that help students become adaptable and effective players in any position.