Development of Women's Soccer in USA and Japan - Coerver Coaching
Coerver Coaching & Development of Women’s Soccer in USA and Japan

Women’s Soccer – What is Coerver® Coaching

Coerver Coaching is widely regarded as a leading curriculum and method for teaching individual skills, with over 30 years global expertise.

Coerver Coaching Co-founder Alf Galustian gives his expert views on the two finalists USA and Japan, since he has worked extensively in both countries for over 20 years.


Alfred Galustian Coerver Co-founder with US World Cup legend Kristine Lilly also a Coerver Coach

Influence of Coerver®Coaching in the USA

Coerver Coaching started in the USA in 1985, and to date has programs in over 34 States. Coerver Coaching USA is headed by Chelsea Legend Charlie Cooke.

For over 30 years Coerver Coaching has had a profound effect on the development of both US Coaches and players. Anson Dorrance, USA Women’s World Cup Champion Coach was one of the first US coaches who championed the need to introduce Coerver Coaching into US Soccer in order to improve the technical level of players.


World Cup Champion Coach Anson Dorrance says “USA players are great athletes, have fine physical and mental qualities, now we need to upgrade our technical qualities, I believe Coerver provides a curriculum that can improve the US players technical ability”

Many other respected coaches and players in the USA also became convinced of the value of the Coerver System; this included US Men’s National Team Coach and Technical Director Jürgen Klinsmann and former Coerver graduate Kristine Lilly. Kristine remains a Legend in World Soccer; Two time World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold medal holder.