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Play Like David Silva: Master the Assist Killer Pass

A Coerver drill to teach precision passing – Master the assist killer pass

The ability to make precision passes under pressure makes the difference in an average player versus a great player.

by : Alec Fenn

David Silva Master the killer pass

Here is a great example from a top performer.

As a result of his vision, low centre of gravity and magnetic touch, David Silva is considered a master. Constantly slipping passes through gaps and creating chances in the final third.

Check out this drill designed by Coerver Coaching’s Alfred Galustian (@coerveralf).

This drill is based around the Spaniard’s skill set. It will challenge you to keep the ball in tight spaces and as a result pick that killer pass when the opportunity presents itself.

If you put the time in at practice you will eventually equip your game with Silva -inspired style.  Filled with finesse, patience, good first touch and an eye for a defense splitting pass.