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The difference with a Coerver trained coach?

The difference between a Coerver trained coach and a non Coerver trained coach:

A Coerver trained coach is taught and certified in the Coerver Coaching approach, which emphasizes individual skill development and ball mastery, as well as team play, creativity, and efficient movement. They are trained to create fun, challenging, and engaging training sessions that help players improve their technical abilities, tactical awareness, and overall soccer IQ.

On the other hand, a non-Coerver trained coach may not have the same emphasis on individual skill development, and may rely more on traditional team tactics and physical conditioning. They may not have access to the same resources, drills, and methods that Coerver trained coaches do.

Coerver trained coaches are equipped with a specific set of tools and resources that allow them to better develop their players’ skills and abilities, and foster a love and appreciation for the game.