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Soccer Ball mastery

Soccer Ball Mastery Soccer coaching for players. Coerver Coaching Ball Mastery with Coerver Kid, Luis. Luis at aged 9 is perfectly comfortable with the soccer ball using both feet and […]

Essential 1v1 Soccer Drills – Part 2

Coaches use this great soccer drill to improve your players 1v1 skills. Coerver Coaching team up with Premier League club Stoke City to show you this essential soccer practice.

Essential 1v1 Soccer Drills – Part 1

Essential 1v1 Soccer Drills These exercises from Coerver Coaching’s co-founder Alf Galustian are a great way to make your next practice even better. Alf is working with Academy players from […]

How to coach girls soccer

In this video Alf Galustian talks with Kristine Lilly about coaching girls soccer. Kristine was a member of the U.S women’s national soccer team for 24 years. She is the […]

Coerver Coaching Classic Move: The inside Cut

Classic Coerver Coaching change of direction move, the inside cut. Perfected & demonstrated everytime Xavi plays for Barcelona. So coaches, your players need to know one of the most used […]