Coerver Coaching Soccer Session Planner Version 2.0 Released

We’ve updated our best selling Session Planner Ebook! In Session Planner 2.0. you get Coerver Coaching’s most effective drills and games, perfect for your season’s soccer practices.


Session Planner 2

Thousands of coaches have used the Session Planner to improve their soccer practices, players and teams. Version 2.0 helps you easily prepare effective soccer practices, with;

  • Improved illustrations and tips of each youth soccer drill and game.
  • Improved access to the videos of each soccer coaching drill.
  • The file size has also improved, its now under 8mbs! Alot of youth soccer coaches wanted a smaller file size so that they can bring these great soccer practices, out on the field on their cell phone or tablet.
  • FINALLY, we’ve added 6 FREE BONUS Drills and games that are sure to take your practices to the next level.


We wish you all the very best in your soccer coaching success.