Coerver Coaching’s Top 10 Coaches Tips - Soccer Training
Coerver Coaching’s Top 10 Coaches Tips

Coaching soccer doesn’t come naturally for us all.

So follow these 10 steps to improve your coaching and lead your team to success!

  1. Develop Communication Skills. How you speak, how you listen and in Coerver Coaching how you Demonstrate are really important.
  2. Never Stop Learning. The best People I have worked with in my career Juergen Klinsmann, Gerard Houllier, Carlos Alberto Parreiera, Sir Geoff Hurst, all World Cup Champions, told me they still regarded themselves as student.
  3. Learn from Mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s okay as long as you learn from them, and don’t repeat.
  4. Keep a Healthy Lifestyle. Every Coach is a model to his/her students; young players will copy you, so set a good example.
  5. Coach with your heart, not only your head. Young Players need care and attention, winning is not everything at this age. So think before you say anything other than encouragement and praise.
  6. Enthusiasm, Encouragement, Energy = Excellence. This is the winning formula to be a good coach.
  7. Enjoy your Work. Anyone who teaches football in my opinion is lucky, so enjoy every moment.
  8. Concentrate on the performance not the game result. When you are a development Coach, your goal is long term success. In the short term you may lose games, but stick to the Coerver Principles of Individual Player Development and long term improvement is likely.
  9. Try and not over Coach. Try and remember be “Simple, Short, and clear in you coaching and when you demonstrate. Young players have usually a short attention span, so use each word carefully.
  10. Plan. Even after 30 Years Coaching I never go on the field without a Practice Plan. Spend time making your practice. Be clear what you want to show and how you are going to show it. Write it down.

Coerver Coaching’s Top 10 Coaches Tips