Grass to Grass / Fake Pass – A Coerver Coaching Master Class
Grass to Grass / Fake Pass – A Coerver Coaching Master Class

Coerver Coaching Master Class – Grass to Grass / Fake Pass

The Fake Pass is one of the easiest ways of creating essential time and space to create an opening or chance on target. You may use this skill already without even thinking and should feel natural with either foot. This skill has to be one of the easiest to practice. It require no special equipment, just some space and a ball.

This move can be combined with many other Coerver Ball Mastery Skills to make you a better player! Below Jason Lancsar, Coerver Coaching Asia Pacific Director takes you through the simple steps to perfecting this move. Remember to practice with both feet.

Tips to remember when practicing this move are:

  •  Keep the ball close, not far out in front of you to prevent defenders from stealing the ball.
  •  As you become more confident, increase speed of the move and try linking several fakes together.
  •  Try using opposite foot to ensure confidence in using both feet.

Grass 2 Grass


  • Step 1: Start with the ball inside of foot ensure standing leg knee bent for good balance. Remember to shield the ball from defenders using your body or opposite leg.
  • Step 2: With same foot roll foot over ball slightly touching the ball first with instep and the with the sole of the foot in one smooth motion
  • Step 3: Ball should now be on the outside of the foot. At this stage in the move the ball is most likely to be stolen by a defender so keep this step as fast as possible to fool the defender.
  • Step 4: Go back same way reversing the process.
  • Step 5: Ball should finish where you started, protected by your body.

Many professional use this move to create space or a shooting opportunity. Players like Messi, Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic often use several fake passes within the box to force defenders into blocking shots. This opens up the limited space within the box and makes hitting the target far easier for strikers.

This move can be incorporated into warm up drills and should be encouraged where possible in other drills.

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