Messi Skills - Coerver Coaching

After his man of the match performance in the UEFA Champion’s League on Wednesday, we are all looking forward to Messi skills in El Clásico. Where he reigns as the top scorer ever.

Messi is the perfect player we can all learn from. We’re going to break down Messi’s five essential qualities according to the COERVER® CODE that you can apply to your game.

Messi’s Approach

  1. SKILLS.
    1. Messi skills effect confidence and creativity.
    2. Confidence: The Foundation of Messi’s game is supreme ball mastery. Once a player masters the ball their confidence can grow. Ball Mastery, as Messi shows each week, is essential for; 1 v 1, running with the ball, as well as shooting and first touch receiving.
    3. Creativity: Player’s who are creative do unexpected things in a game, like Messi skills. They can make the difference at crucial deciding moments in the game. Without ball mastery, it is difficult to lead creatively.
  2. SPEED.
    1. For this skill to be effective in a game, players need to “marry” skill with speed. Each week Messi demonstrates this with his ability to change pace and direction with the ball.
  3. SENSE.
    1. This mean’s making the right decision at the right time, in the right place. This can only come from focus and concentration as well as lifelong practice. Being able to read the field intuitively as he does, also requires player’s taking responsibility in the game. All of which are displayed weekly by Messi.
    1. This mean’s a high level of physical fitness.
    2. Which requires dedication and hard work. Messi is an example of a player consistently performing well due to his dedication to hard work in training and diet. He is one player that plays in every minute, early in every game.
    1. Means a winning combination of Respect, Sportsmanship and Courage. Winning & losing graciously. Always trying your best. Messi’s career and behaviour is a model of these qualities.
    2. No one can play like Messi, he is unique and one of a kind. But you can definitely learn from him and apply his attributes to how you approach your game.

Messi skills have been the key factor in many of Barcelona’s victories this season. Now we all can’t do perfect Messi Skills but he can certainly inspire us all to practice harder and improve.