Three Ways to Practice at Home

Great ways to inspire your player to practice at home.

For players Under 8

Go in the back yard and practice shooting. At that age, because your child does not have any power, shooting technique is actually exactly the same as passing. So your player will be practicing shooting and passing at the same time. Your child will prefer to kick with one foot, but try to get her or him to use their “weaker” foot aswell.

Aged of 8 to 12

Ask them to practice their ball mastery skills. Your players only need a small space and a ball. Ask them to challenge themselves by practicing with their weaker foot or also adding other ball mastery techniques to make the exercise more challenging.

Over 12

For your older players, it is also really important they practice ball mastery. They should also think about air juggling. When juggling they should try and beat their last score. Older players should also add a physical aspect to their training. They need a slightly bigger area but they can practice ball mastery exercises and also full speed Coerver moves which involve explosive sprints after the move. Don’t forget Repeat, Repeat, Perfect!

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