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Develop Attacking Heading

Didier Drogba

Didier is a great model for teaching attacking heading with excellent TIMING, TECHNIQUE and POWER.

Timing – As with volleying a major factor is timing Getting to the ball at the right time, and if in the air jumping at the right time.

Technique – Meet the ball; don’t wait for it to hit you Focus on the Ball, don’t get distracted or close your eyes Use the forehead part Use your arms (like a rower pulling back to get direction and power) Head the ball downwards if you can (more difficult for the Goalkeeper)

3 Ways To Improve Yourself:

Step one

  • Improving your TIMING
  • Working with a partner 8 yards apart
  • Server throws ball.

The sequence for the header is Jump and head back –kneel and head back-dive (break you fall with your arms) and head back-then back to kneel –then jump then follow that sequence 10 times then switch role.

Step two

  • Improving your Technique (CONTROL)
  • Working with a partner 8 yards apart
  • Server throws head up then with second header head back See how many you can do before heading back This will improve your control

Step Three

  • Improving your POWER
  • Working with a partner.8 yards apart
  • Server throws (must be hard throw, receiver meets with his chest, pops the ball up, then needs to use his arms to get the power to head back to server