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Coerver Coaching Education:

The NEW Coerver® Coaching Play like the Stars Soccer Coaching Education course got off to a great start in Scotland with the inaugural course taking place on Saturday 7th March 2015 at the Hearts FC Football Academy in Edinburgh.

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The course was attended by 60 coaches from across the country, with 40 professional academy coaches and 20 grassroots coaches. The Course was delivered by Coerver® Scotland and Portugal Director Gordon Craig with focus on the Coerver® Coaching approach to 1v1, a topic in which we have a 30 year history. The full day course, through theory and practical sessions, gave coaches an understanding of how to develop 1v1 skills from mastery to game effective use in addition to many useful soccer coaching tips.

Gordon Craig said “1v1 always seems to be a popular topic that Coerver® work on with professional clubs, in the last year Coerver® has delivered courses on this topic at Werder Bremen in Germany and also for national federations such as Czech and Northern Irish FA and now with Hearts FC”.

“We were really pleased to bring this course to Scotland and have such a high attendance of coaches from all levels of the game. We feel that developing game effective 1v1 players can have a big influence on the game in Scotland, developing players who can protect the ball, run with the ball and create goal chances using 1v1 can really help develop players who can make the difference in the game”

“Following the success of the inaugural course, we look forward to rolling the course out across the country over the coming months”.

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Some feedback from the course:
‘Superb course today, now truly believe 1v1 is essential for all players. Booklet and DVD also excellent resources’

‘This course has really changed my view on teaching 1v1, I used to think this was something which was natural to players. Now I can see how it can be taught to all players”

‘Can’t wait to use the fantastic soccer coaching tips from today with my players. 1v1 is something they always enjoy, fantastic to expand my knowledge of this’

‘Great day on Play like the Stars Course. Coaching on display was top class and very in depth’

‘Enjoyed taking part in Play like the Stars course at the Hearts Academy. Some great 1v1 sessions getting taken on board’

‘Before the course I thought of 1v1 as a skill for forward players. I can see now how all players, no matter their position need be strong in 1v1”.

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