Tips to improve 1v1 Soccer Skills – Week 1:Feints

Tips to improve 1v1 Soccer Skills.

1v1 Soccer Skills can make the difference in a game and create goal chances.

In 1v1 in Youth Soccer there are three parts:

In the next couple of blog posts, Coerver Coaching co founder Alf Galustian will show you 3 essential soccer tips in 1V1!

This week’s group of soccer skills are Feints.

3 essential soccer tips for Feints

  • A feint can be used when the opponent is either in front of you or behind. You can use a body movement to create space either side.
  • Your first touch is critical, if its too close to you or too far then it is difficult to do the feint.
  • Acceleration is key, once you beat a player you must be able to explode away.

Check out this soccer video, on the single side step, a move used all the time by Argentina and Barcelona great Messi. Send us your soccer skill video via the Coerver Coaching official Facebook page