Side Step Like Messi

Linoel Messi

The skill of the week comes this week from arguably the greatest player ever to grace the world of soccer. 4 time consecutive winner of the Ballon d’Or, Barcelona striker Linoel Messi

This great Coerver move can be used to beat your opponent, create space to pass, shoot or run with the ball. It was this very move that gave Messi the space he needed. To find the corner of the goal in the Champions League Final in 2011 against Manchester United.

3 Essential steps to beat your defender one-on-one

Plan your next move

Whats the point of winning your one-on-one battle if you don’t know what to do next? Messi never gets caught out, he’s always planning his next pass, shot or change of direction. So you need to think like this too if you want to improve your game!

 Master your ball control

Lionel Messi is the world’s best at beating opponents in one-on-one situations. Watch how close the ball is to his feet whenever he runs at defenders. So this is the kind of ace control you need to become a one-on-one trickster like Messi!

Skate past your man

Leo’s trademark trick for beating defenders is the sidestep. He uses it to cut in from the left and open up the whole pitch. Step to one side quickly as the defender approaches, then use your other foot to knock the ball into space and sprint away!