Manuel Neuer – Germany’s Super Sweeper Keeper
Manuel Neuer Soccer Tips – Germany’s Super Sweeper Keeper

After Germany’s impressive win in last night’s Euro qualifier versus Scotland we thought we would look at soccer tips from the great Manuel Neuer who has reinvented the soccer goal keeper position with the sweeper keeper and helped Germany to win the World Cup last summer!

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Three things you need to know

  • Winning the ball – If you play this position you have to be positive and quick. You must win the ball if you commit otherwise you risk giving the opposition an open goal to aim for!
  • Protect the ball – When playing this position the goalkeeper must be a ball player capable of receiving the ball with both feet as well as being able to pass successfully with both feet.
  • Distribute the ball – The goalkeeper must be able to provide a quick start to a counter attack. This was evident during the World Cup in which several of Germany’s goals came from a rapid distribution from Manuel Neuer.

These soccer tips are all vital to ensure that the role of sweeper keeper is effective. An increasing number of teams are attempting to replicate the German National teams formation with heavy dependence on the goal keeper but remember that the team must work together to ensure that no gaps are left should the keeper need to sweep away threats.

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