3 Most common mistakes first time soccer coaches make and how to avoid them

Here are some great tips for first time coaches from Coerver Co Founder Alf Galustian

If you are new to world of soccer coaching and the challenge feels daunting then here’s some great advice on some of the most common mistakes and the steps required to avoid them.

1. Planning

Choose drills that are fun. All kids need to have fun otherwise you will loose their attention quickly. If you choose drills that are fun then the players will focus allowing you the coach to concentrate on teaching.

2. Over-coaching

Over-coaching means talking too much or in the wrong place. Trying to do too many drills or moving on too quickly. Don’t try to put too much into each session. You will often find that drills for longer than intended. A good idea would be to have a buffer in place. For example an extension of a drill that can be skipped or included depending on wether or not the session is running to schedule.

3. Focus

Finally focus. Remember that you are a development/youth level coach. It is therefore key that the players are developing each session. Even if the team isn’t winning its important that the players can identify progress in their game and overall ability.

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