Finish like Lionel Messi: Part Two - Coerver Coaching

Cut in from the flank and finish like Barcelona’s goal machine with this drill from Coerver Coaching.

By: Huw Davies

The sight of Lionel Messi receiving the ball on the wing is sometimes followed by a shimmy, a dribble or a one-two, but often a goal.

Whether he does it on his own, or with the help of his team-mates, does anyone find his way to goal, with the ball, more effectively that the little Argentinian?

Alf Galustian, co-founder of Coerver Coaching, brings you part two of FFT’s Score like the pros series to get you mimicking the little maestro.

This time the focus is improving your ability to engineer a chance on goal from a wide position.

“When Messi is on the flank he will use one or two moves to cut in field and fashion a shot on goal,” Galustian told FFT.

“Usually, he uses a feint or a change of direction to do that – this drill is setup so players can practice both.”

Watch the video above as the AFC Wimbledon academy take you through this ball mastery drill…

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