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Pre-season training for soccer: First touch drills

Pre-season training for soccer: First Touch Drills

VIDEO: Pre-season training for soccer: First touch drills
Use this Coerver Coaching drill to get the ball under control in an instant

By:Ben Welch

How do I set this drill up?
Use three discs to create a 4 x 4 yard triangle. Use different coloured discs at the base of the triangle to emphasis the use of the left and right foot. Set up another triangle up eight yards away with a supply of balls.

How to do this drill?
0 > 1.05 minutes (see video): Start at the orange disc in triangle one, with your partner on the blue disc in triangle two with a ball.

Your partner passes the ball to your right foot and moves laterally to the orange disc (left). Receive the pass coming through one side of the triangle and use your first touch with your right foot to break out the other side before passing it back to your partner with your right foot.

Now start at the blue disc in triangle one with your partner on the orange disc in triangle two. Reverse the actions so your first touch and pass are performed with your left foot. Repeat the pattern until three first touches on each foot – left and right – have been completed.

Progression one (1.06 minutes > 1.50 minutes):
Start at the pop-up cone and shuffle back left or right to create space to receive the pass from your partner.

Progression two (1.51 minutes > 2.44 minutes):
Develop your ball control by using your second touch to execute the pull-push skill. If your first touch is with your right foot use your left to drag the ball back inside and out the other side of the triangle before returning the pass with your left.

You can also try…
Challenge yourself to receive the ball using different parts of the foot i.e. control the ball with the outside of your foot and pass with the inside of the same foot, receive with inside of one foot, pass with inside of the opposite foot etc.

What are the key coaching points?
Call and show for the ball and open up your body to receive the ball with yours have hips and shoulders facing the target. Make sure your first touch carries you out of the triangle. When performing the pull-push technique create a V shape with two quick touches. Keep your eyes up so you can see the target before passing.

How will this drill help?
This drill will help to develop first touch direction and speed, which will help you keep hold of the ball when defenders close you down. It develops ball mastery skills so you can change the angle of attack when a defender shuts off space. It also encourages you to play the right pass – i.e. giving a teammate a ball they control into space away from a defender.

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