Recover your Passing Range - Coerver Coaching soccer passing drills
Recover your Passing Range

Struggling to string a pass together? Recover your passing range.

This passing drill from Coerver Coaching will help you improve your passing accuracy and allow your team to string passes together.

Set up

Get four players to form a square by standing 25 yards apart. Instruct the remaining players to fill in the gaps between the original four to form a circle. Mark out a five-yard square inside the circle. The players forming the outer circle have a ball each. Position four players in the middle square.


Playing out of the square, players exchange a one-two pass with a player from the outer circle. Then sprint through the cones marking out the square, bending their run towards a different perimeter player, where they play another one-two.

The four players that started in the middle must count the passes they complete in 45 seconds. To advance this drill, you can introduce two additional players inside the circle. Their job is to try and intercept passes and put pressure on the passers in the middle.

How this will help

It will help your footwork as you dart in and out of the cones and in between the other passers, while also helping build some basic fitness and recover your passing range.

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by: Ben Welch

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