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Camp Detail: Cottage Grove

Registration Fee: $150 Minimum Deposit: $150

Start Date: 07-21-2014 - End Date: 07-25-2014

Start Time: 9:30 End Time: 12:00

Days: M, Tu, W, Th, F,

Camp Location: Try Out Prep Camp in Cottage Grove

Camp Address: Kingston Park

Ages: 8-17




Camp instructors are certified coaches. As a commitment to providing a quality professional experience, all of our coaches follow the Coerver coaching code of conduct and uphold the standards of the child protection policies of Coerver coaching internationally. The staff to camper ratio is 1:12.

Camp Feature:


The Tryout Prep Camp is designed to help individuals prepare for their upcoming club and high school tryouts. The camps will focus on improving technical ability in a high repetition, high intensity setting that will challenge the players to effectively perform the skills. It will also focus on tactical decision-making skills in both small-sided and full-sided games that are age appropriate. The camps will be based on the high-effective Coerver Coaching method.

Special Events for the Week

Monday: Coerver Shirt Day - Campers are encouraged to wear the Coerver shirt provided

Tuesday: Odd Sock Day - Campers are encouraged to wear the craziest pair of socks they have

Wednesday: Jersey Day - All campers are encouraged to wear their club jersey, or jerseys of a professional club teams or national teams.

Thursday: Quiz Day - Study your soccer knowledge; campers will partake in a soccer trivia challenge

Friday: Coerver Shirt Day - Campers are encouraged to wear the Coerver shirt provided  


Description Short: Try Out Prep Camp

Camp Type: Day Camp

Camp Code: CGTO14

Sibling Code: Sibling113

Release Statement:

Waiver of Liability


By clicking accept, I hereby state that I release all members of the Educational Sports Programs Staff and any other party involved in the organization and administration of Coerver Coaching Minnesota, Educational Sports Programs, the Individual Trainers, the Sponsors (Adidas), Sports Method USA, The Wiel Coerver estate, from any liability resulting from any injury on, or around the clinic sites, or in the transportation to and from the sites. I hereby declare that the enrolled participant above is in good health and will be able to fully participate in intensive soccer skills training, which may include running jumping, falling, diving, heading and small-sided scrimmages. By clicking accept on this form I accept full responsibility, and assume all costs, that may occur in the event of an injury or death.

By clicking accept you also agree to and understand the refund and cancellation policies. 

Registration Fee: 150 Minimum Deposit: 150

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