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The Ultimate Bundle available to the public!

Here is your chance to own the Official Coerver Coaching DVD and Online Product set.


Plus Online access to all the titles above and Access to First Skills Online.

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Youth Diploma 1 Online Course

Delivered by the co-founders of Coerver Coaching

Do You want to...

  • Plan & deliver more effective soccer training sessions.
  • Get fresh training skills, drills, games and ideas that will enrich your sessions and make your players more enthusiastic and responsive.
  • Save your valuable time using a simple Session Template and dozens of skills, drills and games from the Course materials to put in it.

And that's not even a snippet of what you'll get from this course...

By taking this course you'll learn the following:

Coerver Pyramid of Moves ©2004


The Moves Pyramid classifies the moves into easy to understand, step by step ways to help coaches teach the skills.

Coerver Pyramid of Player Development © 1997

The Pyramid of Player Development breaks down the game into 6 parts with loads of games and exercises for all ages and abilities.

Coerver Session Planner ©2009


The Session Planner is designed to engage and challenge your players and brings a new excitement to your practices.

You'll discover how...

  • The Pyramid of Moves classifies 43 1v1 moves into Changes of Direction, Stops & Starts and Feints and makes them coach friendly by turning each action into simple steps you can easily teach yourself and your players.
  • The Pyramid of Player Development simplifies the coaching job by breaking the game down into 6 parts with dozens of skills, drills and games with variations for all ages and abilities for each part.
  • The Session Planner saves you planning time, keeps you up to date on the latest developments, giving you dozens of skills, drills and games to improve your weekly, monthly and season long planning.
  • The Session Planner Template is designed to consistently engage and challenge your players and brings a new excitement to practice.
  • The Coerver Skills Bridge’s graduated pressure training helps you coach your players to take their practice field skills into full pressure games.

The Coerver Skills Bridge ©2009

  • The Coerver Code focuses on its 5 S qualities of Skill, Speed, Strength, Spirit and Smarts in every session for every age group to reflect the skilled, confident and creative players Coerver aims to develop.

The Coerver Code ©2010

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New Make Your Move Online PDF Ebook

The Make Your Move Drill eBook combines two of our most popular products, the soccer drills found in Make Your Move and The New Era Series.

Combined, that’s 112 pages of different drills. And, each page has a Coaching Tip and a Player Tip. Also included are variations tips for each drill and ways to progress your players to more challenging and demanding exercises.

When you add up the variations and tips you’ll have well over 200+ ways to build your practices. That means you’ll have enough variations to make sure your practices never get stale.  And all of these drills have proven time and time again to bring the best out of your players.

Since the drills are in the popular PDF format you’ll find them easy to take to the field, since they’re easily viewable on any mobile device.

If you prefer to hold the drills in your hand, simply print out the drills and take them to the field. You can even give them to your assistant for quick and effective practice plans. There is no restriction on printing out the drills for your team’s use.

You get instant access when you order! Order now and plan your practices within the next few minutes. It’s fast and easy.

The series includes

  • Easy to set up soccer drills and games
  • Exercises that are challenging for players of all skill levels
  • Can be used for all ages
  • Variations for each drill
  • Coaches Tips
  • Player Tips
  • Most of all SERIOUS FUN for players of all levels

Take the worry out of trying to design practices that your players will LIKE!

Watch as other coaches around you start observing your practices and wondering how your players are so engaged. Watch as parents arrive to pick up their players but players don’t want to leave practice.

Don’t think twice, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Buy Now $97

A Coach Must Have Product

Coach Great Soccer : Coerver Coaching Session Planner DVD & Online

This new 5 disk set is an essential resource for coaches, which will help improve your practices. Across three hours of high quality video we'll show you 174 variations that will form an unrivaled coaching library including:

  • 41 WARM UP variations
  • 26 1v1 MOVES
  • 46 GROUP PLAY variations and small-sided games
  • 27 HOMEWORK assignments

Buy Now $197



First Skills Online

First Skills Online for New Coaches and Parents

Here are just some of the things you'll learn...

  • What you need to think about before practices
  • A full range or practices and techniques to develop skillful players. Your practices will be challenging and fun for players of all abilities.
  • The top 10 tips for any coach. Follow these 10 easy to remember steps to ensure a successful and enjoyable practice.
  • The importance of proper motivation. How do you inspire and excite your players to work at their best both during practice and at home?
  • The approach to use when working with groups of mixed ability to ensure that each player is benefitting from the practice.
  • How to plan a great practice
  • How to disguise the repetition work your players need to improve
  • The importance of praising effort
  • Main topics that you should coach through the age groups, to allow your players to develop

Soccer Fundamentals

  • How to hit a soccer ball with power and accuracy
  • How to dribble a soccer ball
  • A simple yet effective practice for close ball control.
  • The Inside Cut - How to change direction and keep possession of the ball
  • The Scissors - a classic first move for all your players, the scissors

Great Drills

  • How to improve your players weaker foot.
  • Do you want your team to keep the ball? Try out this great drill.
  • A fun passing and shooting game sure to create more goal chances.
  • A great first game for your practice
  • How to get your players game ready
  • A great way to encourage team work
  • How to inspire your players to practice more
  • The perfect way to end your practice.

and much more...

Lifetime Access $97  BUY NOW

6 Month Access only $25 BUY NOW

Best Selling Product

Make Your Move DVD or Online Version

It includes :

- Exercises where each player works alone with a ball at repetitions using both feet.

RECEIVING & PASSING - Exercises to improve a player's first touch, so important at all levels, and to encourage and teach accurate and creative passing.

MOVES (1 V 1) - Exercises and games that teach game - winning individual moves that can create space against the most packed of defences.

SPEED - Exercises and games that improve acceleration, running with and without the ball and change of pace.

FINISHING - Exercises and games that teach technique and encourage instinctive play.

GROUP ATTACK - Exercises and games that improve small - group combination play with emphasis on fast break attack.

The Pyramid Approach combined with the Coerver Coaching philosophy of graduated pressure allows players to quickly gain confidence and progress through the interconnected levels of the game.

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Buy Now Online Version + Ebook $197.00

Player Product

Improve Your Game for Players and Parents


Our new Self-Improvement Pyramid consists of 3 levels:


  • 20 Home Assignments
  • 6 Variations of ground juggling skills
  • Moves players can practice by themselves or with the help of parents or team mates.
  • 11 Group Skill Assignments
  • 12 Variations incorporating Stops and Starts and Feints. Designed for practice and competition with friends or team mates and useful for coaches at team practices.


  • 13 Warm up stretches
  • 13 Speed drills and 7 Variations with partners and small groups.
  • 22 Stamina/Skill Drills and 6 Variations with partners and small groups.


  • Why proper hydration is so important when working out.
  • The overweight epidemic in developed countries that’s affecting even young children.
  • The beginnings of hardening of arteries that’s affecting children as young as 15
  • How warm ups and stretches prevent injuries and promote top performance.
  • How to correctly take your pulse and measure your recovery rates.
  • How diet is important in combatting disease & promoting fitness.
  • The value of organic fruits and vegetables and the role phytochemicals play.
  • Why you should avoid sugary drinks and cereals.
  • The link between reduction of weight, diabetes and the way to fitness, good health and well.

BUY NOW $69.95

Why use this set

Session Planning Made Easy

When you use this method to prepare your practices, you'll prepare effective practices, in less time, with less frustration - guaranteed.

Alfred Galustian, Coerver co-founder says, "For years, one of the most common questions I've heard is, 'How can I easily prepare effective practices?'”

I'm glad to say, we've finally released a tool that will let you do just that.

But first, let me tell you why you should listen to us.

Coerver Coaching co-founders Alfred Galustian and Charlie Cooke developed the Session Planner from 27 years of knowledge and work around the world at all levels of the game - from grass roots to leading federations, clubs, managers and stars of International Football.

And, if you haven’t heard of Alfred, in June 2010, he was appointed as the Premier League Specialist Skills advisor, assigned to help develop the next generation of Elite football coaches in the UK.

Goalkeeping Essentials DVD

Coerver Goalkeeping Essentials

You'll learn ...
Basic Technique and Handling
Warm up ‘A’, The Ready Position, Receiving to Feet, Receiving to Chest, Receiving to Waist, Receiving Above Head, Diving Shape, Warm Up ‘B’, In The Goal

Footwork, Mobility, positioning
Fast Feet, The Double ‘D’, Short Sharp Save, Frantic Footwork, The Saving Tree

Shot Stopping
Ground Saves, Waist & Chest High Saves, Upper 90’s, In the Goal: Ground Saves, In the Goal: Waist and Chest High Saves, In the Goal: Upper 90s, Breakaways, In the Goal: Breakaways

Crosses and Distribution
Warm Up, Positioning for Crosses, Positioning for Corners, In the Goal: No Pressure, In the Goal: With Pressure
Under Arm Bowl, The Javelin, Over Arm Bowl, Line Drill
Game Play
Breakaway Save, Ground Save, Good Distribution, Ground Save - Bowl and Upper 90 Save!, Good W Shape, Save From Cross - Quick Javelin Throw, Good Upper 90 Save.

As you watch the DVD, you'll get specific, step-by-step details that leave no questions in your mind. You'll know precisely what you can do right away to become a better goalie.

The Pyramid Approach combined with the Coerver® Coaching method of graduated pressure allows players to quickly gain confidence and progress through the interconnected levels of the game.

Works for all skill levels:

When you use the system you will improve your game. Goalkeeping Essentials covers all the basics for the beginning player and includes drills that can be modified for different skill levels, ages and field conditions.
Whether you're just starting out, or looking for advanced techniques you’ll see why the “Pyramid of Goalkeeping” is the simplest, fastest way to train goalies.

Suitable for Players and Coaches:

Players learn skills of the trade you can use in every game to help your club to victory...
Coaches get drills that will keep players excited and motivated

Buy Now $49.95 plus shipping

Coaches and Parents

Make Your Move set

Everything we teach about improving soccer skills at our camps and clinics are explained in great detail. In fact, the system consists of:
  • 5 DVDs (with hours of recordings pulled from our video libraries, all presented in a cohesive, step-by-step, easy-to-follow format)...
  • Complete access to the Play Great Soccer Library offering 200+ videos, over 111 minutes, of detailed, screen-captured video showing you step-by-step, blow-by-blow instructions of Coerver kids and teens going through each step, as if you're looking over my shoulders as they do them...
  • Two workbooks including a workbook, training guide, tools and checklists...
  • PDF copies of the drills. You'l finally be able to print out the drills and take them with you to practices.

It dives right in and delivers meaty content, from the very moment you watch the first drill, to the very last page of the very last manual.

Don’t worry, while it's a lot of content, it's well laid out. The New Era videos give you an excellent core to the Pyramid of Player Development and the Make Your Move videos take you over the top with move tactics that will leave the opposition stuck in their boots!

When you view this course, you'll know why we're so proud of it. No expense was spared in taking what we teach in our soccer camps and creating an in-home version of it. You'll feel like you're inside our head as you follow our step-by-step training that's suitable for anyone.

Why this will help Players

Improve Your Game set

You can practice in your backyard, your basement, the local park or even your bedroom, with your parents permission of course. Many of the drills can be used alone or with the help of your parents, friends or team mates. Players, you can also set personal bests and compete with your friends or even your parents in different skills. The disks enable you to polish your skills year round.

Remember if you don’t use it, you lose it.

By practicing skills year round, your execution will not only stay up to snuff, it will improve. Now, some of the material will be useful for coaches to use at team practices, or to show players work they can do at home to improve specific moves or footwork for example. Some of the drills will be familiar to many coaches and we’ve included 2 excerpts of drills suitable for team practices on the site below.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear: this DVD set is NOT advanced techniques that build on our previous disks.

For Players and Coaches Beginners to Advanced

Play Like The Stars Digital Download

50 Drills to improve your skills for only $19.95


Buy Now Only $19.95

Check out the sample video below.





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